Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning Instructions for Acid Stains, Sealed Overlaiments, Epoxy Flooring, or Grind and Seal Concrete

Flooring is sealed with either a Urethane top coat, clear Epoxy, or a clear high solid acrylic sealer. Urethane and Epoxies are the strongest clear coats for flooring. Both, very chemical resistant and tough with a high gloss finish. And virtually maintenance free.

If you have a high gloss finish, there will need to be a little extra attention when cleaning especially with darker color stains. (For dust related issues.)

Cleaning Procedures

  • To help keep the dust levels down on the floor. Try to have a good rug or dust mat in the main entrance of the building to keep shoes clean and dry.

  • When there is dust on the floor, you will need to first remove the dust before mopping the floor. Mopping the floor with a wet mop and dust on the floor will cause streaking and build up of grime.

  • Have a clean micro fiber dust mop or industrial dust mop on hand. Use a dust mop treatment spray on the dust mop. This will act like a magnet for dust. Remove all dust from the floor with either mop. (You can purchase dust mops and dust mop sprays at any janitorial supply store.)

  • Clean by spraying a non-detergent spray (Simple Green or Equivalent, Not floor cleaners; they will leave a residue) and moping with a microfiber pad. (Available at Home Depot or Lowe's)

Scratches and Gouges

Scratching and gouging may occur on the floor when moving heavy, hard dense objects, or simply moving a box with sand under it. High gloss floors are easier to notice small surface scratches because of the finish. These can easily be fixed by applying an industrial strength floor finish or wax. If applying a floor finish or wax, the floor must be free of all debris and soap film build up. If there is no soap film and the floor is clean, you can apply the floor finish or wax as required. If there is soap film and scum you will need to follow these steps.

  • Remove all soap film with a floor scrubber and red pad.

  • Lightly mop the floor with a clean damp mop with only clean water. To remove the residual dust. Let the floor dry.

  • Apply 1 or more coats of floor finish or wax on the floor. Let the floor finish dry.

When using a floor finish or wax, the floor will have to be maintained frequently (once a month, depending on traffic) using the same methods. Dust mopping methods still apply when using floor finishes and wax.

****All rolling office chairs must have urethane caster wheels in addition to plastic floor mats for added protection against wear and tear****

**** If there are deep gouges in the floor that lead to the stained concrete, there will need to have more repairs done. If the gouges go threw both clear coats the area will have to be lightly sanded and repaired with the original Urethane or Epoxy, or both. ****

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